Tom + Hannah | Engaged

Oh my – the most beautiful couple around? Quite possibly, yes. These two where just such a joy to photograph!!! Meet Tom & Hannah, engaged and happily in love – there was no shortage of laughter and fun during this engagement session! The weather was magnificent and the Lord decided it was a good day to make the sunlight extra delicious, so naturally – I exploded on the inside with joy. Anywho, take in all the beautiful-ness that is this couple and their engagement photos… but to be truthful – I’m a firm believer that these images are spectacular simply because these two have hearts chasing after the Lord – His glory is radiant, as are they. Enjoy!

Dave + Heather | Thistle Springs Ranch Wedding

This lovely couples beautiful October wedding is now hitting the blog! Heather was my small group leader in high school and when she asked me to document her wedding I was over the moon excited! Heather is one of the most gracious, patient, kind-hearted, meek, women I have ever met, and the moment I met Dave I knew he was just the right one for her. These two complement each other so well, evidently bring out the best in one another and quite frankly are just flat adorable. I mean – they do yoga together so that naturally means they’re awesome, duh!

Their wedding was full of the most genuine laughter and joy, the weather was impeccable, and the dancing… the dancing was phenomenal. It was a joy to document to say the least! Enjoy taking a peek into this beautiful story of theirs…


Wedding Venue :: Thistle Springs Ranch

Jillian | Bridals


Soooo, this stunning bride also just so happens to be my former dance teacher and to say I was excited about photographing her bridals would be an understatement. This women taught me sass and class, which truthfully – you can tell she executes just by looking at her bridal images. She stands tall with confidence and walks with grace (or maybe it’s just that slight turnout?). Jill, you are a gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous bride and I am so happy for you! Thank you for letting me document such an exciting season of life.


Sarah Delanie

Venue :: The Aldredge House